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Middle east report, The pharmaceutical industry grows despite conflict in the middle east.

The africa and middle east alternative finance benchmarking report february 2017. The construction empire of lebanese prime minister saad hariri is crumbling according to a report in the this work by middle east monitor is licensed under a. Accelerators are increasingly being seen as new seed or pre-seed forms of venture capital that emerged due to growing entrepreneurial culture - which the public. Middle east books and more is advertised in and supported by aet's primary project, the washington report on middle east affairs. Middle east district cooling market size for 2016 was worth over usd 6 billion and the capacity is set to exceed 17 million rt by 2024 driven by extreme climatic. The introduction of value-added tax (vat) in the gcc at a projected standard rate of five percent is expected to take effect from 1 january 2018, with other gcc.

Cybersecurity in the middle east in this report we look at how the survey results from over 300 middle east companies compare to those in the rest of. Provides news and perspectives about the middle east not available from mainstream news sources a leading magazine of analysis on the region. Latest news and information from the world bank and its development work in east asia and the middle east and north africa region according to a new report. Memri bridges the language gap which exists between the west and the middle east, providing timely translations of arabic, persian, urdu-pashtu, and turkish media, as.

The middle east institute makes available its annual reports on a yearly basis including audited financial information: 2013 annual report 2013 form 990. Explore middle east/north africa middle east/north africa december 27 2017 report kurdistan region of middle east and north africa division. Dubai: middle east airlines recorded a slowdown in passenger traffic growth in june, hit by an earlier us decision to ban passengers from carrying laptops and other.

Learn how mckinsey has helped leaders in the middle east create growth and development, and build regional and global champions in major sectors. Negotiating conflict in the middle east and north africa: a system analysis after the arab spring, the iran nuclear deal, and the rise of isis.

  • Our region, transforming now middle east annual review 2017 welcome to our 2017 middle east annual review in which we look at our achievements over the past year.
  • 1 report of the middle east quartet at its meeting in munich on 12 february 2016, the middle east quartet reiterated its concern that current trends are imperiling.
  • The new meir amit intelligence and terrorism information center report in no way suggests any formal alliance between isis and israel middle east middle east.
  • The middle east report is a magazine published by the middle east research and information project (merip) the headquarters is in washington, dc.

Middle east middle east israel vows to destroy iranian positions within 40 km of syrian border the report also claims that putin then called netanyahu to.

Middle east report
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